Vintage & Antique Style Lanterns

At Herwig Lighting, Inc., we have been creating custom light fixtures for over 100 years. Our antique reproduction outdoor light fixtures are made in America and built to last a lifetime. 
vintage lantern, large outdoor light fixture, Tudor lighting, outdoor lighting, historic lighting
cylinder lighting, outdoor lighting, large outdoor lighting, tudor lighting, antique lighting, vintage lighting, exterior lighting

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vintage lighting, tudor lighting, exterior lighting, antique lighting, gothic lighting
Gothic lighting, outdoor lighting, vintage lighting, tudor lighting, exterior lighting,
vintage lighting, historic lighting, tudor lighting, antique lighting, outdoor lighting, exterior lighting, large lighting
Hewig #6 Deco Style Post Lantern Black F
#10 Hexagon Post Lantern Black Finish An
#16 Gothic Style post lantern.jpg
Light Fixture
Post Light Fixture
post light fixture
post light fixture
Light Fixture

American-Made Antique Style Lanterns at Herwig Lighting Inc.

There are fewer things that can subtly alter the aesthetic of a building or outdoor space than vintage style lighting fixtures and antique reproduction lanterns. They are stylistic remnants of a bygone era that have found replacements in flashy modern lights and minimalistic aesthetics.


At Herwig Lighting Inc., we value the past and its unique sense of style. Over here you’ll find all the vintage lighting fixtures a nostalgic soul could desire, including antique-style pendant lanterns, Victorian lanterns, bracket lanterns, ceiling lanterns, pier lanterns, wall mount sconces, hanging fixtures, mounted fixtures, and exterior fixtures. Browse through our numerous designs, including our custom fixtures. Click on the images for more detailed information on the designs.


We have been in the business of designing and manufacturing ornamental antique and vintage style outdoor lighting fixtures, posts, accessories, and street clocks since 1908. Our expertise in engineering, design, and craftsmanship is unparalleled.


So, what are you waiting for? Transform your home or building’s exterior with antique reproduction lanterns and vintage lighting fixtures.


Get in touch with us at Herwig Lighting Inc. for more information on our products by calling us at 800-643-9523 or shop directly from our online website.