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Herwig Lighting has been designing and manufacturing Ornamental Antique & Vintage Style Outdoor Lighting Fixtures & Accessories since 1908. We manufacture a broad range of products, including high-quality outdoor lighting posts, fixtures, street clocks, benches, bollards, and street signs. Our vintage light fixtures come in a variety of styles, including Gothic, Colonial, Deco, and Traditional. We also have several glass and finish options to choose from. With the experience and expertise gained through our company’s long history of engineering and craftsmanship, Herwig Lighting is well-qualified to meet the design, engineering, and manufacturing requirements of both the discerning professional and the nostalgic building owner. From our in-plant, non-ferrous foundries to final machining and assembly operations, our highly skilled craftsmen make all our products by hand. Buy our quality outdoor lighting products right from our online shop.


Made in America Since 1908