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Handmade Elegant Vintage Style Street Clocks


Post or street clocks are timeless monuments to our collective nostalgia amid glossy modern skyscrapers and garish billboards. They are a bold symbol of American tradition that perfectly captures our collective pride in craftsmanship, workmanship, and sense of community. You will often find these beautiful clocks placed in front of train stations, city halls, jewelry stores, banks, and other common public locations.


Just as the American street clock has stood the test of time, so has our company. Herwig Lighting Inc. has been designing and manufacturing antique and vintage-style outdoor lighting fixtures and street clocks for over a hundred years.


We offer gorgeous and elegant Victorian-era four-faced street clock designs, Times Square four-faced and double-face street clocks, Herwig Sylvania Post style street clocks, and more! All our street clocks are handmade with expert craftsmanship and engineering.

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