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3 Great Ways To Make An Amazing First Impression On Guests

Who doesn’t love it when their favorite people drop by for a visit? We do our best to ‘stage’ our houses for their impending arrival—cleaning any messes and dusting ad nauseam.

Some of us even take out new cushion covers and décor pieces to make sure our houses look warm, comfortable, and welcoming for our special guests.

But here’s the thing, it’s not the inside of your house that makes the first impression; they see the exterior way before that. And according to research, it takes 1/10th of a second to make a first impression.

This leaves you with a very small window to make sure that any guests—or even potential buyers—feel good when they visit. No pressure, but also, a little pressure.

If you’re a little stumped at this point, allow us to help.

Have A Front Lawn Highlight The Walkway

We all love a good lawn out in the front! Greenery is not only beautiful, but it’s also relaxing, and sets an incredible first impression. This is especially important if your guests are potential buyers, since a well-kept lawn is a major bonus if you’re buying a house.

When you’re sprucing up your lawn, make sure to add benches, a table, and an umbrella for especially sunny days. And for a finishing touch, sprinkle tasteful décor items around the area. A birdhouse, for example, would make for a great addition.

If You Don’t Have A Lawn—Use Plants

Lawns are amazing, but not everyone has one—and that’s okay. You can still liven up your outdoor space without having a huge, well-decorated lawn. If you don’t have enough space out in the front, use plants and flowers to add a splash of color to the area.

If you’re using plants to play up the exterior of your house, make sure to color-coordinate the flowers with the overall color theme or palette. If you can’t make up your mind, just go for big, leafy greens—it’s a surefire way to liven up the place!

Play Up Exterior Lighting For Post-Sunset Visits

Everything looks better in natural light, but what about those times when people decide to visit you at night? As it turns out, with the appropriate lighting, you can really set the mood and take things up a notch.

If your house has a vintage theme, try getting some Victorian lanterns installed to give your guests a well-lit welcome.

If you’re on the lookout for an online store to buy ornamental antique and vintage-style lighting features, street clocks, and street signs, feel free to browse through our collections here. If you have any questions, contact us here.

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