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Decorating Your Backyard On A Budget

Want to enjoy the last few days of summer before lady fall shows up? Then it’s time to make the most of your backyard! There are several ways to use your backyard to enjoy the warm glow of the sun, the summer breeze, and the smells of all the pretty flowers before the leaves begin to fall.

Throwing parties, catching up over some chilled drinks, or watching a movie outside are all great ways to utilize your outdoor space while it’s still tank-top season. Here are some ways to get your backyard ready for all the fun life has to offer—without making a dent in your finances.

Give New Life To Old Tires

Have you ever wondered if there was anything you could do to utilize all your old tires? Well, now there is, so you better get them all out. Tires work as great outdoor décor because of their round shape. Paint them and use them to create a decorative space in the ground to outline all your plants.

You even cut them up and create a star or flower-shaped space in the ground to fill with rocks, small plants or plant pots. Great outdoor décor doesn’t have to be new; you can always find a couple of things that you can upcycle and use.

Water Gets All The Good Feelings Flowing

After plants, fountains are the second-best part of any outdoor setting. A good fountain makes everything look aesthetic, and not to mention expensive. The sound of water trickling down brings about a calming feeling, serving as gentle background noise to support your light-hearted chatter.

If you want to get a fountain installed in your space, make sure you first factor in the total area and the size of the fountain you’re going for. Bigger fountains in smaller spaces can have the opposite effect, making it look stuffy and claustrophobic.

Lights Are Magical—Didn’t You Know?

Ever been in a situation where you’re in awe of an outdoor space or a garden when you see it in the daytime, but as soon as the night arrives and all the lights turn on your jaw is one inch away from hitting the floor? That’s because the right lighting can really work wonders.

If you’re a fan of vintage lighting, we sell super affordable, antique designs at our online store. Our outdoor elements include antique gothic-style lamps, antique-style lanterns, and other vintage style outdoor lighting features. Call us at 800-643-9523 to get in touch.

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