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3 Essential Steps for Preparing Your Lawn For Fall

Fall is coming. And while spring is about celebrating life, planting seeds, and enjoying the bright-colored flowers, fall is when your lawn needs you to look after it most.

As the summer slowly fades away, plants and animals move toward hibernation for the harsh winter months. To make sure that spring brings them all back, happy and healthy, you need to prepare your garden for the fall.

If you have no idea where to start, here are three tips that will help.

Feel Your Garden—Really, Feel it

Your garden is a living, breathing thing. Plants have personality and require love and attention. So, here’s the first step to preparing your garden for fall: walk around and feel it. Observe it closely and point out areas that need immediate tending to.

Find any bald patches of soil that need soil amendment, check for overgrown plants that ought to be divided, and take notice of any bulbs that need to be removed and any herbs that will be better off indoors.

Make Sure Your Plants Have Fertile Soil To Feed From

Want to make sure your plants grow strong during the spring months? Add soil amendments during fall so the seeds and roots can make the best use of the slow-releasing fertilizer during the dry and harsh winter months.

Use a gardening fork while adding soil amendments to make sure you cover all areas and distribute it evenly, even in the areas where there aren’t any plants to guarantee that the new plants don’t have to rely on depleted soil.

Treat Your Lawn With Weed Killers

According to most gardeners, treating your lawn with weed killers twice a year is ideal for getting rid of any unwanted plant activity. Conducting a weed treatment in fall will get rid of any seeds that may have landed in the summer months to ensure that next to no unwanted weeds show up during spring.

Now, weed killer is essentially poison. So if you have pets, it’s important to be careful with the amount of chemical you distribute among the plants.

Finally, no lawn is ever complete with proper lighting. Even though fall is the month where your plants need the most attention, it is also one of the best times of the year to utilize your outdoor space.

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