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3 Timeless Antique Home Design Ideas

Love antique home designs? We do too! There’s just something mysteriously elegant about old-fashioned home design. The timeless sensibility always leaves a lasting impression on guests, transporting them back to the good old days. If you’re one of those people who believe in the magic and magnificence of ageless homes, we’ve put together three interesting ways for you to implement these principles in your home.

In this blog, we’ll discuss some timeless antique interior styles that will elevate the aesthetic of your house and give it a brand new look.

Put Interior Chandeliers To Good Use

Love a sense of magnificence? Interior chandeliers go a long way in bringing in that necessary air of magical design. Whether it’s your bedroom that needs a facelift, or you want to switch things up in the main hall or living room, using interior chandeliers right will give you the superior design that you’re looking for.

They Say Satin Is Forever—When Featured On Sofas

Ever watched movies set in the Golden Era? Did you notice the exotic sofas and cushions that were made from materials you don’t usually see featured on upholstery these days, for example, velvet, silk, and satin?

When used right, these materials lend a timeless appeal to the interior of your house, brightening up the space with their otherworldly colors.

Image Filename: antique-sofa

Image Alt Text: An off-white colored sofa made from a soft, velvety material.

You Won’t Go Wrong With Vintage Outdoor Lighting

Another great idea is to make sure the interior design of your house matches the exterior design. If you’re designing an outdoor space in a vintage theme, there are a number of ways to achieve this.

You can use design elements, for example, benches, bollards, old-time themed street-signs, and antique-styled ornamental lighting fixtures to bring it all together and tie in with your exotic interior.

If you’re looking for a company that sells antique outdoor lighting fixtures, be sure to give our designs, at Herwig Lighting Fixtures, a shot. We’ve been offering services to our clients since 1908.

Specializing in designing and manufacturing ornamental antique and vintage-style lighting features, we make sure your outdoor space is well illuminated and features an ageless vintage style. For more information, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. For information about products, contact us here.

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