Want To Bring Some Love Back Into Your Life? Create A Romantic Outdoor Space

So you finally asked the person of your dreams out on a date, and the two of you really seem to be hitting it off. Congratulations, we’re super happy for you!

But this means that along with making space for the lucky person in your heart, you also have to make space for them in your home!

Maybe you could add another toothbrush stand in your bathroom or an extra seat at the dinner table, but you know what’s really romantic?

Creating an uber-romantic outdoor space just for the two of you! This space can be used to watch your favorite movies together, eat dinner outside, or just to be away from the world for a bit.

All ready to create this space? Here are three basic things you need to take care of.

Add A Comfortable and Romantic Sitting Space

The most important thing when it comes to romantic spaces is comfortable seating. Whether you’re just catching up on each other’s days with your evening tea, watching a movie with some popcorn, or enjoying a romantic dimly-lit dinner, comfort is non-negotiable.

You don’t want some of your most romantic moments to be full of discomfort because the seating was wrong, do you? Hence, the best starting point for creating your ideal romantic space is to invest in good seating. Brownie points if it’s gorgeous to look at!

Elevate The Aesthetic of the Space With Décor Items

Even though seating is important, what really brings a space together is the décor items you place in it. Whether you’re a fan of modern designs or are more of a vintage person, additions like plants, a pebbled pathway, benches, or even design elements like a street clock for a unique touch will bring things together.

Enhance The Ambiance With Some Good Lighting

Finally, what use is a romantic outdoor space if there’s no light? When it comes to lighting you can either opt for regular lighting or go for fancier fixtures that enhance the ambiance of the space and bind the design together.

If you’re into vintage, antique, or ornamental designs, look into Victorian and bracket lanterns. These will provide the dim lighting that’s perfect for late-night dates under the starry sky.

Looking to play up your outdoor space for a newfound romantic interest? Flatter them with cozy dates under vintage lighting and Victorian-themed outdoor design! If you’re looking for an online store for ornamental antique and vintage-style lighting features, check out our collection here.

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