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The Ultimate—Yet Simple—Guide To Exterior Lighting

Exterior lighting is designed for all the areas of your house that fall outside the front and back doors. These include the lawn, garage, porch, walkways, and even—if you have one—your pool.

And just like you have to match your theme with the interior lighting you go for, it’s essential that the outside area of your house complements the interior.

An appropriately lit exterior is also revelatory if you plan on spending a lot of time outside in your lawn or porch areas, or if you like throwing outdoor parties.

Outdoor Light Fixtures—Liven Up Any Area

There are all kinds of outdoor lighting fixtures to choose from. Some can be used for multiple areas and suit most themes, while others only work for select areas and are designed to only suit a specific theme.

For example, lighting fixtures that are mounted on the ground illuminate a larger area while those fixed on a wall.

Let’s look at these two types of exterior lights in a little more detail.

Tall Light Posts—Don’t Park In The Dark

Tall light posts that can be mounted in the ground are ideal for garage areas. They illuminate the parking space while still maintaining the aesthetic you’re aiming for.

Place one pole at either side of your garage door for adequate lighting. You could also place these lights along your driveway to highlight the path.

The area around your outdoor pool is another great location for these posts. They’ll ensure that guests know where to walk when they go out for some fresh air.

Wall Lights—Show The Outdoor Space Some Love

Wall lights do little to illuminate their surroundings but do a good job of providing dim light that elevates the space. In a very dark place, they also make sure you can easily spot any doors and walls, so you don't bump into them.

Some great places to use these lights are along the walls of your lawn and on either side of your front and back door.

Convinced now that exterior lighting is just as important as interior lighting? In case you’re looking to buy ornamental antique and vintage-style lighting features, online, check out our collection at Herwig.

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