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The 3 Best Vintage Patio Ideas

So, you’re thinking of a patio redesign. We say that’s a brilliant idea! One of the best ways to keep things fun and interesting during the pandemic and the resultant uncertainty is to make sure you’re making the most of what you already have.

Years of living in the same place without any change can make it look dull and drab. If your place feels like it could really use an update, the patio is the best place to start.

Here are three creative vintage patio ideas that you are sure to love.

The Open, Minimal Patio Design

If you're really into minimalism and downsizing, this is one of the patio's best ideas for you. This design strips down a regular patio to its bare essentials and encourages homeowners to use old items for décor.

Consisting of vintage-style chairs and a center-table, this patio will bring out your creative side by encouraging you to look at old, seemingly useless items like barrels and tires as décor elements.

White-Washed—This One Will Bring Back Old Memories

Do you remember when you’d go over to your grandparent’s house? Do you remember the distinct design and style of their house from back in the day? If you do, you probably remember a lot of cane and a lot of white.

This is because the white and cane are popular vintage design elements. If you want your own porch to remind you of the good old times, throw in a touch of white cane, like chairs or side tables, and add a splash of color by adding colorful cushions or plants.

Done In Metal—Old-Time Luxury

If you really want to bring in some colorful and natural beauty to make it all pop, one of the best ideas is to use darker furniture and let the décor take center stage. The best vintage dark furniture material is black-colored metal, which is used to make chairs and center tables.

If you intend to use the metal theme to create your perfect patio, this will leave you with a lot of room to experiment with accent colors, since the furniture isn’t going to clash with them. Don’t be afraid to use different types of flowers and lighting elements.

And last but not least, to complete the look of any vintage patio, get some vintage lighting fixture installed. At Herwig Lighting Fixtures, we offer ornamental antique and vintage-style lighting features. Our product range also includes street clocks, benches, and street signs. For questions and queries, contact us here.

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