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What is LED Lighting

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. LED products are somewhat new and are most commonly used in appliances. Some of the benefits of using LED products are that LEDs can be up to 80% more efficient in producing light than standard bulbs, they produce very little heat, they contain no mercury, and they are energy efficient. Look at the chart to see a comparison of the different types of bulbs. Note on the bottom line the cost per year for the operation of that bulb.

Another option to LED bulbs are LED strips. LED strips are thin flexible printed circuit boards with LEDs and resistors attached. These strips come in many variations meaning one can be very bright to light an entire room and another less bright for accent lighting. LED strips can also be ordered in the color that is desired for your home or business project. Herwig has LED kits available using strips or LED downlights for most products. Downlights are perfect for pendant lanterns as the light shines downwards.

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