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History of Herwig

Robert and Harry MckNight (son and father) 1953 in front of The Herwig Co.

Established by William Herwig in 1908, Herwig Lighting was originally named Herwig Art Shades & Lamp Company . The company was located in Chicago, Illinois and made custom interior light fixtures and accessories. In the late 1920’s, the name was changed to The Herwig Company. The company’s focus began to switch from indoor to outdoor lighting. With the death of William Herwig, the company was left to his sister Helen. Helen left the company to her son Robert McKnight. Robert and his wife Jane ran The Herwig Company for many years. Upon Robert’s death in 1957, Jane sold The Herwig Company to her brother Chester Wynn. Upon purchase, Chester began using Cast Aluminum instead of Cast Iron. In 1964 Chester and family moved the company to Arkansas where it currently resides. In 1967 Chester gave The Herwig Company to his son, Donald, who was only 24 years old at the time. In 1971 Donald put a foundry back into The Herwig Company which allowed the company to start making their own castings again. In December of 1973, a fire destroyed The Herwig Company. In January of 1974, Donald began to rebuild, and with the rebuild Donald felt The Herwig Company needed a new name. The company was renamed Herwig Lighting, Inc.

At Herwig Lighting, we manufacture many different products including light fixtures, posts, street clocks, benches, bollards, bollard accessories, and even street signs. Our vintage outdoor light fixtures come in a variety of mounting options such as post, bracket, pendant, or pier mount. We also have many glass and finish options. If you don’t find something that fits your project exactly that’s not a problem, we can customize any fixture or custom order any glass or paint finish.

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